How Much Do SMBs Use Maps & Directory Listings to Drive Foot Traffic?

phone with a map

As part of the ritual of examining local commerce and SMB SaaS strategies, Localogy goes right to the source: SMBs themselves. How do they feel about marketing and operational software? What features do they want? And how has their hunger changed in a pandemic? This is all a moving target. Localogy’s Modern Commerce Monitor (MCM) […]

Should You Pay Attention to the Hype About SEO?

More businesses have increased their online presence, showcasing their products and services on websites. While some have updated to e-commerce sites, many still use social media and traditional websites to support their marketing efforts.A website helps with brand awareness and visibility, among other benefits. With an optimised website, you can increase website traffic and the […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back Again and Again

Customer retention is the main goal for all sorts of businesses.Happy customers will keep coming back and they will also act as advocates for a company or service by telling others about it, who will (hopefully) continue the cycle.So, how do you keep the customers you have excited, engaged, and interested? Here are five top […]

6 Tips On How To Convert Online Leads Into Paying Clients In 2023

Leads are hot commodities in the business world and converting your leads to clients will take some work. If you feel as if you are struggling to get leads to become paying clients, Yello is here is help. Here are six tips on how to convert online leads into paying clients. Your online lead needs […]