6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Yello Media Group To Be Your Advertising and Marketing Partner

You already know and trust Yello as publishers of your annual telephone directory, but Yello Media Group is more than that. We are a full-service advertising and marketing company. And yet you may be wondering ‘why should I choose Yello over that marketing agency that I spotted on social media?’ Well, we have six great reasons why we should be your advertising and marketing partner this year.

Regional Distribution Network

Our Yello Media Group network covers over 75% of the Caribbean and Central America and our print distribution is over two million in 22 countries. When you work with the team at Yello for your directory marketing, you are tapping into our vast regional distribution network, and you can reach a wide cross-section of the Caribbean and Central American audience who are already in the consideration stage of the customer purchase funnel.

Award-winning Team of Marketers and Advertisers

When you partner with us, you will be working with a team of award-winning marketers and advertisers. Yello has won nine marketing and advertising awards from the Association of Directory Publishers (ADP) including the 2020 publisher of the year, digital directory of the year for our internet Yello directory (IYD) FindYello.com and excellence in marketing for best social media strategy.

We have the expert knowledge and the talent to be your marketing agency for a whole host of digital marketing services, including social media management, online advertising, directory marketing, and websites.

We Develop SEO-rich Websites

At Yello, we have a team of savvy designers, sharp-witted copywriters and expert website developers who will craft an SEO-rich website for your business. Plus, we make it easy, with a wide selection of website templates to choose from. If we don’t have what you are looking for, don’t worry, we can build a custom website to suit your every need. And guess what? We also develop e-commerce websites so you can build your online store in no time. Our team has successfully delivered over 4,000 websites to satisfied clients. And Yello also offers maintenance services to the Yello-powered websites we create.

Innovation in Search and Display Advertising

We are one of five companies recognised internationally by Google for innovation in search and display advertising in the Caribbean and Latin America. Plus, we’ve won the Google SMB Partner Programme Display and Mobile Award for Latin America and the Caribbean four years in a row. At Yello, we have a team of dedicated Google-certified search and display advertising experts who will work with you to ensure that you get the views for your search and display ads.

Yello’s Search Engine Customers Respond To Ads

According to research conducted by Market Authority, among calls generated from Yello Media Group advertisements, 44% of them come from consumers visiting the advertiser’s website after seeing their Yello ad. And 56% of calls are generated directly from the Yello directory print ad. No other medium can compare when it comes to return on investment. We can guarantee usage, exposure, and circulation and know that you will be satisfied with your return on investment when you partner with Yello.

Yello’s Search Engine Customers Respond To Ads

Our interconnected directory marketing solutions help you to stay in front of consumers in print, on the internet, and on mobile devices, providing three times the reach! Our annual print telephone directories reach two million users across the Caribbean and Latin America. Meanwhile, our internet directory FindYello.com has 4.8 million users and counting. And our Find Yello mobile app (available on Android and IOS) has over 400,000 downloads, with more users joining us each day. By partnering with Yello you will have access to our vast network of users in the region and beyond.

And if you are ready to partner with Yello for your marketing and advertising, you can start by listing your business on Find Yello today.

Yello Media Group’s team of marketing experts can help your business today!

Contact us today for more information!

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